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Crystal Ballroom at The Orchid Hotel Pune

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Innumerable guests, but no venue to host them all? The Orchid Hotel, Pune, has you covered. The Crystal Ballroom at our environment friendly hotel in Pune, is a 5-star facility for intricate and elaborate events along with a pre-function area.

The Crystal Ballroom can accommodate up to a maximum of 900 guests making it the best exhibition and wedding hall In Pune狗万如何刷流水,狗万下载,万博网址是多少. It can comfortably accommodate:

  • 900 Guests - Floating Crowd Style 
  • 700-800 Guests - Casual Style 
  • 550-600 Guests - Theatre Style 
  • 130-140 Guests - U Shaped Style
  • 200-280 Guests - Cluster Style 
  • 250-300 Guests - Class Room Style 
  • 150-160 Guests - Board Room Style
The Crystal Ballroom can also be partitioned into multiple Crystal Halls (Crystal Hall 1, 2, and 3) so that guests can host smaller conferences and meetings. Each hall comes with all modern amenities and constant support from our staff. 

Crystal Hall 1


狗万如何刷流水,狗万下载,万博网址是多少Stretched over a large area, the Crystal Hall I at The Orchid Hotel, Pune, is fit for hosting meetings, conferences, seminars, and most other events imaginable. With state-of-the-art amenities, the hall is perfect for your event.

Cluster: 75 | U-Shape: 45
Class Room: 75 | Theatre: 220
Board Room: 50 | Casual: 268

Crystal Hall 2


Don't have too many guests, and don't want an unnecessarily large space? The Orchid Hotel, Pune, has halls for all who need them. Join us at the Crystal Hall II, which sprawls over a wide space!

Cluster: 50 | U-Shape: 50
Class Room: 50 | Theatre: 100
Board Room: 60 | Casual: 275

Crystal Hall 3


狗万如何刷流水,狗万下载,万博网址是多少Sprawling over an extensive area, the Crystal Hall III at The Orchid Hotel, Pune, is fit for medium-sized events. The hall comes with all modern amenities as well as constant support from the staff of the hotel. 

Cluster: 75 | U-Shape: 45
Class Room: 75 | Theatre: 220
Board Room: 50 | Casual: 270